About Us

Jamnagar Area Development Authority (JADA) was established on 1st February, 1978 by the Government of Gujarat. The prime objective of the JADA's formation was to carry out the sustained planned development of the area failing outside the periphery of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation.

The important functions of the Authority include the preparation of Development plan for the Jamnagar Urban Agglomeration, to prepare the draft Town Planning Schemes, to implement the santioned Town Planning Schemes and to monitor and control the development activities in accordance with the Revised Development Plan. Besides, it is also responsible for the development of the infrastructures like road, sewerage, water supply and other basic civic amenities.

In addition to the area falling under the Jamnagar Municiple Corporation's limit, JADA is also having 38 villages of the Jamnagar Taluka. JADA has covers 428.35 Sq. Km. area which includes 128.40 Sq. Km. area of JMC.

JADA is governed through a board whose members are the Chairman - JADA, Secretary - Urban Development, Presidents of District Panchayats of Jamnagar, Standing Committee Chairperson of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation, Chief Town Planner - Gujarat State, Financial Advisor - Urban Development, Collector Jamnagar District, the Chief Executive Officer - JADA and two invitee members, Municiple Commissioner of JMC and District Development officer of District Panchayat Jamnagar.

The entire Jurisdiction of JADA Consist of 38 Villages, Nagar-sim and the Jamnagar City. Name of Villages are as under :

1.         Sarmat 14.       Hapa 27.       Vasai
2.         Ravalsar 15.       Khimrana 28.       Aamra
3.         Naghedi 16.       Morkanda 29.       Lakha-baval
4.         Kansumra 17.       Dhunvav 30.       Masitiya
5.         Chela 18.       Juna Nagna 31.       Jivapar
6.         Dared 19.       Vibhapar        32.       Dodhiya
7.         Dadiya 20.       Nava Nagna 33.       Balambhadi
8.         Mokhana 21.       Rozi-bet 34.       Champa Beraza
9.         Naghuna 22.       Dhinchada 35.       Vav Beraza
10.       Konza 23.       Khara Beraja 36.       Gaduka
11.       Lavadiya 24.       Gordhanpar 37.       Navagam Ghed
12.       Khimaliya 25.       Harshadpur   38.       Bedi
13.       Theba 26.       Naranpur